Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to submit the contribution to missing IP

                             Filing Supplementary Contribution 

  • Supplementary Contribution will increase contribution amount due. No way contribution amount submitted during monthly contribution will reduce.
  • Employer has already submitted the monthly contribution.  Employer wants to modify wages and number of days worked for 1 or more IP for whom contribution already submitted.
  •  Employer should enter the Insurance Number for which contribution to be modified.
  • IP with insurance number should be present in Employer list.
  • Employer to provide the updated Wages for the Employee. Example
  • IP (6380000001) Monthly Contribution submitted.
  • In MC given Wages –15 days , Rs 4500.
  • But IP has worked for 25 days and earned Rs 5000.
  • Employer should file supplementary contribution and enter 25 days and Rs 5000 for the IP.
  • Employer can use "Add More" option to add more IPs and update their contribution amount.
  • After submission Contribution due will be automatically updated by the system. Example
  • After filing Monthly Contribution –Amount Due Rs 7500
  • After filing Supplementary Contribution –Amount Due will increment suitably by the system automatically.
  • After filing Supplementary Contribution Employer can create challan in similar way.

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