Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to upload Bulk IP

                                          UPLOAD BULK IP

  • Click the link "INSERT IP DETAILS"
  • Click "INSERT BUTTON".
  • Click "EXCEL TEMPLATE EXCEL" and then save the EXCEL sheet in your PC.

  • Enter the data in(IP Number,Name,DOB,DOA,Gender) downloaded Excel sheet.

Instructions to create Excel sheet for bulk IP upload:
  •  Enter the 10 digit IP number, IP name, Date of    appointment, Date of Birth anGender.
  •  Excel sheet upload will be successful only if all the data  is entered in correct format.Use only the downloaded template for this activity.
  •  Kindly note that all columns should be in Text or General’ format  including date columns.
  •  Dates should be in either dd/mm/yyyy or format.Eg 14/04/2011  or 14.04.2011  is correct format(14/04/2011 or 2-Apr-11 are not acceptable)
   •  Following figure shows a sample excel format

  • Click the Browse button and select the excel file from your PC then click "UPLOAD" button. 

  • "IP INSERTED SUCCESSFULLY" Message will display in the same screen.    
              Creating Excel sheet for MC –Instructions:
  • Enter the IP number, IP name, No. of Days, Total Monthly Wages, Reason for 0 wages(If Wages ‘0’) & Last Working Day(if employee has left service, Retired, Out of coverage, Expired, Non-Implemented area or Retrenchment. For other reasons, last working day must be left BLANK)
  • Excel sheet upload will lead to successful transaction only when all the Employees’ (who are currently mapped in the system) details are entered perfectly in the excel sheet.
  • In case IP Number is entered wrongly(less than 10 digits) –Excel upload will throw error to modify the IP Number.
  • Calculations –IP Contribution and Employer contribution calculation will be automatically done by the system.
  • Reasons are assigned numeric code.
  • Once 0 wages given, IP will be removed from the employer’s record. Subsequent months will not have this IP listed under the employer.
  • Note that all the column including date column should be in ‘Text’ format.
  • Date column format is dd/mm/yyyyor dd-mm-yyyy. Pad single digit dates with 0. Eg:-01/01/2011 or 01-JAN-201 is NOT acceptable. Correct format is 01/01/2011 or 01-01-2011.
  • Excel should be saved in .xlsfile type (Excel 97 –2003).

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  1. What is the way to bulk upload all details of IP in the system including nominee details and family details