Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to submit the Monthly Contribution in Excel Sheet


  • Click "FILE MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION LINK" in home page.
  • Select the month and year of Monthly Contribution then you click "SAMPLE MC EXCEL TEMPLATE" link.

  • Once the List of Employees is complete, download the IP list available in Insert IP Link.

  • Enter the data into the Excel sheet.
  • Make sure all the entries have same format, keep note of the small green symbol at top left of the cell, That sign is for “number stored as text” so you can convert them to text by selecting entire cells.
  • Go to DATA -> Text to Column -> Select “Delimited” -> Next -> Finish.

  • Click "UPLOAD EXCEL" link then click browse button and select your MC Template excel sheet.
  • Now Upload the excel sheet, after checking the sum total of wages entered in the MC Excel sheet.
  • Check and verify the "PAYMENT HISTORY" .
  • After click the SUBMIT button "MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION UPLOADED SUCCESSFUL" message box display on the window.
  • Go to "GENERATE CHALLAN" link in home page for generating the challan.

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