Monday, December 12, 2011

How to solve the Contribution of Employees need to Be Specified

                                 Contribution of Employees need to Be Specified
  • Check the online “List of IP’s”, there must be some IP’s in that List but not in your MC Excel. You can remove those IP’s which are not working with the Employers by giving a valid reason.
  • Check for formatting for these IP’s there must be a difference in format of these erroneous IPs and other IPs.
  • OR 
  • You must enter the value in "E column of EXCEL sheet" Reason Code for Zero workings days (numeric only; provide 0 for all other reasons- Click on the link for reference)
  • After edit the details again upload the excel sheet.

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  1. I am receiving same for new joinees. I am paying arrears for two months also for one employee. Is it because of that ?